An Illustrator and a Graphic Designer from Haifa, Israel.
Graduated the Visual Communication department at the WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education.
Always looking for new collaborations and interesting projects.


2019- 3x3 International Illustration Shows No, 19 - Honorable Mention.

2018 - Communication Arts Illustration Award of Excellence

2018 - 3x3 International Illustration Shows, Merit Award

2016 - Ripples competition, illustrations on coffee, Second price.

2019: "The Blue Period"- Tel- Aviv Illustration week 2019. 

2019: "Terminal"- Exhibition to Commemorate 20 ears since   

         the passing of Meir Ariel. Part of Outline Festival, Jerusalem. 

2019: "Desert"- La Culture, Tel Aviv.

2018: "Home"- La Culture, Tel Aviv.

2018: ״Typographhics"- La Culture, Tel-Aviv.

2018: “God/s”- La Culture, Tel- Aviv.

2017: “Future" - La Culture as part of 2017 Tel Aviv Illustration Week.

2017: "Dualism"- Solo Exhibition, Tipul Coffe Shop, Haifa.

2017: “First Light : The best of Art & Design Graduate

         exhibitions 2017”: The Best 2017 Graduates of Art and Design

         Academies across Israel.

2017: The NB Haifa School of Design Graduates Exhibition

2016: "Out of the Ranks: The Largest Painting Book in the City"-

         the 2016 Illustration Week.

2016: "There is Always Someone at Home" ( The Department

         of Visual Communication of The NB Haifa School of Design and

         the Departments of Art and Literature of the Haifa University),

         Hecht Museum. Haifa

2016: "Coffee Time" -Illustrations for printing on coffee, with Ripples.

2016: "Context" -"Rhythm" -An exhibition of young artists in 


2016: "Context" -"Tight" -An exhibition of young artists in